First Post and A Sudo Introduction

This was running on a little raspberry pi, until I needed it to respond faster. Was jobless for a while, however not so much now. Gives me the time to go back to school and document my journey.

Being out of a job for over a year, half my wanting due to some life events and the other half in desperation for income to support the family. Moving to a new state hasn’t really helped either.

I welcome you to follow, to comment, to troll if need be. I hope to do projects, and have you follow the progress. This could be from writing, to programming, to building and crafting things. There is no single area that I am totally focused on. I travel from electronics, to mechanics, to beer, to human thought endeavors, to woodworking. I really don’t follow sports, or celebrities or fashion; however, don’t be surprised if something like that pops its head up.
As the tag line goes, I am a randomness generator of sorts who is a chiver at heart and a natural born geek. Hope you have a wonderful day and will catch you on the next post.