Dustgaard is a nickname that I received from my science teacher back in high school. He had taught my father and my aunts. This means I had the privilege to grow up in the same small town that my namesake family grew up in. I learned working hard and respect go a very long way in this world that does not necessarily embrace those virtues. I also started my long and persistence into the tech field.

Technology is the only subject I was able to absorb like a sponge. I have had several years of soaking up and tinkering around on older machines, pushing their limits beyond what they were designed to do.

And then…

I had a side step in my career for almost 6 years, however that did not stop me from keeping up with the changes in the field and how they had affected the social balance of the general populous. Technology is something that is always changing, always improving, always evolving. Yet it does create different classes, and in the future that will become a civil rights issue.

From past to the future and everything in between; I’ll be using this site to explore anything that is interesting and amusing to me. Follow if you want, just don’t expect brilliance all the time.


~ Dustgaard

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